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Reliable and secure

Reliable and secure

Royal Flush Broker - top rated car transport solutions in the country

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We know you really love your car. We tend to take care so much about it in the process, that we worked and polished these 3 simple steps in order to keep your car safe.

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About us

A team of young enthusiasts had the same problem as many people that wanted a really simple solution on how to get something precious and really heavy for an affordable price. Almost 5 years on the market and having lots of experience, we think we will bring the perfect solution for your problem. We strive to bring customer satisfaction, good prices, innovative solutions and fast delivery of our customers' vehicles.

About us

Why customers choose Royal Flush Broker


We really want those real life 5 star reviews.


Daily training and certification makes the difference.


Your vehicle is fully insured from pickup to delivery with no deductible to you.


Highly experienced staff won't let you down.

Frequently asked questions

Why are the prices I am getting all over the map?

The hardest thing for people researching car moving companies to understand is that the prices they are getting are not hard and fast guarantees, but rather ESTIMATES of what one company thinks it will take to get a vehicle moved promptly versus another company's opinion of what it will take. Don't be fooled, there are not carriers committed to take your vehicle at these quoted prices,...

What goes into the prices I am getting quoted?

Your total price breaks down into two parts, the broker's fee (or 'deposit' as everyone calls it) and the carriers fee (your COD amount) Make no mistake about this, EVERYONE YOU ARE GETTING SALES CALLS FROM IS GOING TO BROKER YOUR MOVE. In this industry, there are brokers who try to fool you into thinking that they are the actual carriers and there are an equal amount of carriers wh...

Should I pay a deposit before being given a carriers name and contact info?

In our opinion, you are crazy to do so. Have you ever been paid up front for the work that you perform for your employer? Why would you pay a fee up front when there are reliable and trustworthy companies like ours that won't ask for it until we provide you with your carriers details?

Are my dates guaranteed?

No, all dates given are estimates and projections. For this reason we ask that you give us the earliest possible date you would be willing to release the vehicle, even though it may not be your preferred date.   We put you in direct contact with your carrier and the carrier will also typically call you the afternoon or evening before your pick up and delivery (they won'...

What people say about us


Positive feedback

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Sade B.
16 December 2019
Honestly, such a stress free experience. I set up my move last minute and not only were they quick to get things moving, but my driver was super communicative and accommodating to my arrival date.
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Dwight M
07 February 2020
A very professional and courteous staff. They work to ensure all your needs are satisfied and they help to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.
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Jerome B.
05 November 2019
Pizza maker
Everything happened as expected and smoothly. The car was picked up and dropped off in three days window. Hassle-free experience.
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Phillip P.
10 October 2019
This is my second time using Royal Flush Broker to transport a car. They were very professional from beginning to end. They were on time and delivered my car (with no issues) within the time frame given. I will highly recommend these guys and will use them again in the future.
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